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12 Days XC Camp

Cross-country flying (XC) is full of inspiration and adventure. In its simplest form, you fly from one place to another. In this course, students will learn how to fly long distances with theoretical lessons to learn about temperature, local and general climate, emergency procedures, flight planning, flight techniques, Clouds. Everyday we can travel upto15-20kms.We can reach to places like Big phase,Golf course,Camp 360.

Paragliding XC Course


AGE 15+
P3 completition
10 hours of solo flying.

What Will I Be Learning?

1) How to find thermals: sources of lift and trigger points
2) Improving thermalling performance
3) Flight planning and navigation
4) Instability and incidents: Active flying and how to fly in rough air
5)Optimising performance: Speed to fly
6)Landing out on tricky places
7)Equipment and instruments
8)Safety and general airmanship knowledge

Whay you should choose Us

1.15+ years of Experience in the field
2. Instructors from Himachal Tourism,Arunachal tourism
3. Certified Instructors From Billing Paragliding Association, registered and approved by government of India
4. The Best site for learning Paragliding Course (P1, P2, P3 & cross country)
5. Bir Billing is the second highest site in the world
6. Billing Paragliding Association Certificate (BPA)
7. We teach one on one.No big groups.Proper attention to every student
8. We use High quality European Branded paragliders.
9. Workation friendly Paragliding Course.

At T T School of Paragliding our number one priority is safety.

1.Certified Team
2. School level gliderHelmet/Radios/kit
3. Trained Instructors
4. Assistance by instructors
5. First Aid Kit
6. Ambulance Facility
7. Incident Search Party
8. Helmet/Radios/kit

What do I need to bring with me?

1. Warm Clothes
2. Personal Toiletries
3. Sun glasses with 100% U/V protection, cap, sun block (30% and above SPF)
4. Training cloths for the number of days
5. Sports shoes with good grip
6. Personal medication if any.
7. Government photo ID
8. Spirit of Adventure

Course Fee


This package includes

Training + 12 Days XC Camp

Course Fee + Accommodation etc.

₹49999/- + 399 (DORMS) / 799(PRIVATE ROOM) PER DAY

This package includes

Training + 12 Days XC Camp + Accomodation.

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